This is a fact:



with student information reentry

with report creation


by misplacing cash & checks

with the lack of financial transparency

by not accepting credit or debit cards


Let PaymentScholar help you save time & money

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What kind of data is being reentered by schools?

Along with processing cash and checks, schools may not realize how much time they are really losing

Athletic registrations
Health insurance
Laptop insurance
Field trip releases
Band registration

the list goes on

PaymentScholar is your cost-effective solution

We address the entire registration, payment and reporting process from the initiation of an activity registration all the way through to final administrative and financial reporting. All data and every payment is processed, recorded, and reconciled in a manner that leaves school staff with minimal data re-entry work, reducing days or weeks of effort to a few hours.


Parents register all their kids online
through a customized school site.

They can also enroll and pay for activities
such as sports, as well as any fees.

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Parents can pay for all activities, fees
and registration costs in one checkout.

Information is saved in a secure account for
easy checkout in the future.

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School administrators and designated staff
can log into their reporting portal to review
and download custom reports.

All transactions are automatically categorized
and missing data is highlighted so staff
can follow up with parents immediately.

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We can also integrate with most SIS platforms

Don't take our word for it

Our clients love our personal service and easy-to-use interface. Most schools integrate our system within 30 days and needed minimal training.

“We were struggling with our old online payment processor not recording deposits properly in student accounts and the limited enrollment information for athletics, but with PaymentScholar that is no longer an issue. The staff is very responsive and tries to solve issues in one day. It is nice to know a real person will assist with any problems and not an automated machine.”

– Linda Moskalik, Assistant Superintendent, Pinckney Community Schools

“Before PaymentScholar, creating the PayPal buttons on the site was cumbersome, the email system was inconsistent and reporting required the user to go to PayPal and look for new information. Now that we have PaymentScholar in place, it’s a good solution, easy to use, and the reporting is great!”

– Michael Partridge, Technology Integration Specialist, Pinckney Community Schools

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Proudly headquartered in Detroit, Michigan

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